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Tawheed Projects

Our orphan program (OrphanTRUST) currently supports many hundreds of children who have lost their loved ones. We create opportunities for them to advance in education, social skills, family relations and faith. Our team of volunteers are selfless workers giving their time to ensure that the funds and resources of Tawheed are well spent. For the past 6 years, our success rate has continued to grow and we are optimistic about the future of this noble project. Your financial support for this is most appreciated.

Camp Taha LogoCamp Taha is a novel camp initiative for our youth and their families. It is a facility designed for campers to have a unique experience during the summer and winter holidays. Various programs will be held including academic programs such as science and mathematics camp. Unique to this camp is emphasis on healthy living with a spiritual environment that promotes an Islamic attitude towards caring, sharing and learning with a positive overall experience.

View the latest updates on the construction progress at Camp Taha

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